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Children's Education

Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

Children's Christian Education

Children's Christian Ed is gearing up to begin our new year! One of the wonderful things about Children's Christian Ed is that it allows you to work with the children in different and sometimes creative ways. (Don't let the word creative scare you off!) It is a joy filled and eye opening time to see the wonder of children and the way they are growing to know and love God.

In children's Christian Ed we use the rotation model. The rotation model allows us to focus on the same lesson for a few weeks teaching it in several different ways (art, science, drama, games, cooking, and music are some of the centers we use). It is very hard for children to be here every Sunday, this allows children to miss and not feel left out...giving them several weeks and all sorts of fun ways to focus on the same lesson. It allows you as a volunteer to make a short time commitment, 2-4 weeks at a time and ease of helping with a lesson. The lesson you taught would be the same lesson for those few weeks...it might be cooking, drama or games... it could be anything... you would work with different children each week on the same lesson you taught the week before.
The rotation model can be much less intimidating than the thought of committing to the entire year, and the thought of having a different lesson ready each week. Take some time to consider this ministry and if it might be for you. We have lots of little ones this year and Sunday school is all new to them! They are excited and enthusiastic and it is such an uplifting and fun hour! We would love to have you as part of this ministry so consider it and feel free to email me with any questions.

Julie Wilson

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