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Wednesday noon

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Thursday noon

Holy Eucharist

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A community of faith

seeking to love and serve

in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

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January 14, 2018

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Church Ministry Schedule

          January 2018

Pastoral Support

The Pastoral Support Group is a team of dedicated parishioners who gather monthly to share concerns and care needs of members of the congregation.  Generally, one of our priests also attends this meeting.  Discussion is confidential but always seeks ways to serve church members in Christ’s name and love. Hospital and home visits, phone calls and prayer notes are some ways     support is given, in addition to the Meal Train which   provides meals to those who have been ill or have special needs. 

Intercessory Prayer

When a prayer request is received, the name will go on the Intercessors List and/or the church bulletin.  Urgent prayer needs are sent out promptly to the Intercessors by group email.  Names are on the lists for a month or three months as preferred, then are removed unless  otherwise requested.

Guild of the Christ Child

This guild presents a small gift to a newly baptized child which includes a children's Bible, a baptismal candle, and personalized shell to commemorate this special event.

Community of Hope International

This ministry's mission is to create Christian communities of lay volunteer pastoral care givers, united in prayer, shaped by Benedictine spirituality and equipped for and serving in pastoral care ministries. 

DFCS Chaplaincy

Chaplains are COHI members who minister to the staff of the Forsyth County Department of Family and Children’s Services on a weekly basis.  They provide support for those who are charged with the safety of children in our community.

The Ladies' Spirituality Series

A pastoral ministry to all women of the church, helping them to slow down to nurture themselves, while supporting women in ministry who carry out many of the other ministries of the church.







Pastoral support