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From the Rector: Having a Holy Lent

How is Lent going for you this year? As The Dove is distributed in early April, we are roughly halfway through this holy season. Lent is a time for us to interrupt our lives in at least some small way and then reflect on what we have learned from the changes we have tried.

For many of us, our Lenten discipline is something simple—perhaps giving up a favorite food like chocolate (okay, for some of us, that is NOT simple). Or perhaps it is adding something to our weekly routine, like walking for twenty minutes three times a week. But what makes our Lenten practice different from a New Year’s resolution is our reflection on the changes we have made. When we give something up, we want to consider what is stirred up in us. When we add a new routine, we want to notice what resistance we face—from our own attitudes and from others. Lent is a time for us to learn more about our lives and our need for God.

Some of us may have taken on a more challenging Lenten plan. If we did, the same principle of reflection and learning is central for us. For example, are you doing the parish reading plan—one chapter a day from Matthew, James, or Psalms? Have you combined your reading with coming to church more often, including Wednesday evening for the Lenten series on James? If this type of Bible reading is new for you, how has it been? What has been surprising and encouraging for you? What has been hard? Is this a practice you might want to continue after Lent?

And if you have not kept up your Lenten practice—or perhaps you didn’t take on a discipline this year—don’t worry. Grace abounds! Try to find a time during the next few weeks remaining before Easter to draw closer to God and reflect on your life. It could be simply taking one walk with a question that you ask God in prayer. It might be a needed conversation with someone you love. It might be coming to church one Wednesday at Noon for Stations of the Cross. Try to do one thing this Lent as a way to acknowledge your need for God and your desire to be closer to God in your life.

May you have a holy Lent.



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