Episcopal Church
  of the
  Holy Spirit

From the Rector: Change is Happening

Change: Change is happening all around us all the time. The central issues for us often have to do with whether we are paying attention; and then how we respond to change.

When we are not paying attention to change, we may be surprised and even become disoriented when we finally become aware of it. Change can also make us anxious so that we react in an unhelpful way to the changes in our lives.

However, with God’s help, we can choose a different approach to change. We can take time in our often busy lives to increase our awareness. We can open our eyes to people who may be struggling and ask a question or offer help. We can break out of our ruts and assumptions and instead foster curiosity and compassion about our world. In other words, we can be more engaged and proactive about the change happening around us.

And when change does happen to us—a new job (or job loss), an illness, a change in a close relationship, or an exciting new opportunity—we can control the one thing that we are able to affect: our attitude. Instead of fear or anger or withdrawal, we can pray for and practice patience, courage and continued engagement with life as we face change. This involves more than moral will power. It involves a deeper reliance on God and our community of faith.

This new format for our parish newsletter is a small example of change. After many years and faithful editors (most recently Gigi Comer and Meredith Wargo), we are switching from the paper version of The Dove to this online, digital edition. We plan to send it out twice a month. Hopefully it will help us communicate the important changes going on around us.

Two critical changes for us in the next several months will be our capital stewardship campaign and building expansion construction. These changes have been planned in response to other changes—primarily our growth in members, attendance, and ministry activities over the past few years. In the midst of these changes, let’s focus on improving our personal awareness and attitude so that the changes we face produce the results we desire.


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