A community of faith

seeking to love and serve

in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit



  Sunday ​​​10 AM Worship

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  Compline- Daily 8 pm 

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   July Dove

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Updates from your Nominating Committee

search process

Nominating Committee Members and contact information:

Sharon Linsley (chair)                                  sharon@ecohs.net

Janice Davis (co-chair & Holy Cow)            janice@@ecohs.net

Kathy Gibson (secretary)                             kathy@ecohs.net

Thomas Murray (chaplain)                          thomas@ecohs.net

Jeff Daniel (communications)                      jeff@ecohs.net

Sylvia Cardona (communications)             sylvia@ecohs.net

Krsiti Baggarly (profile editor)                     kristi@ecohs.net

Ron Bowman (profile editor)                       ron@ecohs.net

Dustin Hawkins (profile editor)                   dustin@ecohs.net

Russ McClelland (Vestry Liaison)                russ@ecohs.net

Where are we in the process? 

The Parish Profile has been:

                        -reviewed by staff 

                        -reviewed by vestry


Will be shared 2/23

Parish Profile