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 July 29, 2018

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Dear Parishioners, 

            This fall we begin our annual stewardship campaign with the theme “Discerning our future together.” It is significant for two main reason—we have a bright future as a parish community; and the vestry and I will need to make important decisions regarding our budget for 2018 based on the results of this campaign.

            Before we consider our future, let’s look at our more recent past. There is much for which to be grateful in our shared ministry in and through this parish:

  • In 2016, we completed a beautiful building expansion with a manageable mortgage. We are putting the new space to good use for our members and neighbors.
  • One of those ways is our involvement in Family Promise as a host church. Through the involvement of many parishioners and the use of our new space, families are being helped as they move from homelessness to living on their own.
  • Our ECOHS Preschool is flourishing. Julie Wilson and her team of teachers have always been great. Now due to the expansion they have a much brighter, better space and local families are responding. Enrollment has almost doubled over the past three years.
  • Through Mother Bonnie’s leadership, a group of our youth and adult helpers have completed two mission trips to Honduras. This is a blessing not only to those we serve but for us—especially our youth—as we grow in our faith and view of the world.
  • For over three years, members of our parish have participated in the Children’s Center at Lee Arrendale State Prison. Their loving ministry helps mothers who are incarcerated stay connected to their children so that their relationships continue.
  • Over the last few months, graduates of our Community of Hope program have served as chaplains for Forsyth County DFACS case workers. Their ministry provides prayer and comfort for those on the frontlines of care for the most vulnerable in our community.
  • We have two full and thriving Education for Ministry classes—twenty-five participants and four mentors. Members deepen their faith and prepare for ministry as they develop relationships and study the Bible, history, and theology over a four year commitment.

There is much more going on, of course-- from the faithful worship we do on Sunday mornings through the leadership of your clergy and Jeff Daniel and other lay leaders; to the pastoral care and support provided by clergy and lay helpers as our members go through the challenges of illness and death. Children, youth, and adults are formed in the Christian faith and encouraged to practice their faith in the world. Our parish is a dynamic and loving place and I am grateful to be your rector.

Part of “Discerning our future together” is praying for God’s grace to help us sustain and grow this vital community. Practically, some of our past major givers have had some life changes—some have moved, for example. Because of these changes, some may not be able to give as much or at all in 2018. Your vestry and I trust that God will provide what we need. I believe the main part of that provision will be through your giving.

The vestry and I are grateful for your past generosity over many years. Now we ask everyone to prayerfully consider increasing what they currently pledge. One option is to maintain your Building to Serve pledge after it is completed in March 2018, continuing it as an increased part of your annual giving commitment. Whatever you decide to do personally, please pray that we will receive what is needed for our life and work together.

With every blessing,

The Very Rev. Keith W. Oglesby
Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit
Cumming, GA

“Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.” -Matthew 6:21

Discerning our Future Together

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