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  September 22, 2019



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Dear Parishioners,

What is the most memorable gift you have received? That may be a tough one to decide. A suggestion I might offer is the type of gift that someone gave you that enabled you to give to others. For example, the gift of a pottery class so that you can learn to make useful and beautiful works of art. Or a music class in which what you learn becomes a gift for others to enjoy. That attitude about gifts and giving is a helpful way for all of us to consider our faith in Christ and our membership in this congregation as we begin our annual stewardship campaign. 

We believe the greatest gift for us and the world is Jesus. His life and teaching and his death and resurrection have provided the way for us to be forgiven of our sins and connected to God so that our lives are transformed by God’s love for us. His gift also makes us a part of the Church in general and this congregation in particular. We learn here that people care about us and we can practice how to care for others. Through Christ, this community provides the grace we need as individuals and families—and inspires us to care for others, especially those that need to hear that God loves them, too.

The gifts that we have received inspire us to give back. This takes many forms from practical ministry like being an usher or mowing the lawn; to more creative ministry like being a member of the choir or flower guild; to learning more about our faith through EFM and Just Faith; to “person to person” ministry like Family Promise and the Children’s Center at the women’s prison. From listening to many of you, having ways to give back is an essential part of why you are members of this church. God has truly blessed us in Christ and one another and we are grateful that we are able to bless others.

One way your vestry and I ask you to respond to the gifts you have received is by making a generous financial pledge to the church for the 2019 calendar year. Your pledge helps us to plan wisely for next year’s budget. Enclosed you will find a pledge card as the way to communicate your intentions. What I plan to do and what I would ask you to do are these three things:

Take time to make a list of what you are grateful for in life. Focus on what you receive from God and especially what you receive through this congregation’s shared life and ministry.
Take time to look at your financial status. Some of us have plenty and some of us are just getting by. Most of us are in between. The amount we give should fit our status.
Pray for what to pledge next year. If you already pledge, thank you! That amount is a good starting point. If you are able to increase your pledge by 10% that would be great! If you have never pledged before, I hope you will consider pledging this year.

And in all things, let us continue to give thanks to God for the many gifts God has given to us.

The Very Rev. Keith W. Oglesby
Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit
Cumming, GA

“Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.” -Matthew 6:21

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