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  July 14, 2019  



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Lessons & Questions for July 21, 2019

Below are links to this weeks Lectionary along with some context and questions to prayerfully consider (thank you Mother Mandy for your help)! 

Please pray for Mother Mandy as she prepares to preach this Sunday and for our parish as we continue our transition journey.

Amos 8:1-12

The passage for this Sunday follows on the heals of last week's lesson. The underlying issues are the same. The royal sanctuary at Bethel  is propagating the political aims of the monarchy, which were not aligned with Hebrew scriptures and tradition. God cannot sit idly by any longer.  The poor and needy continue to be run over in the quest for wealth and power.

What do you think God is warning of in this passage for his people of Israel?
With a final threat famine, not of food or water, but of the word of God. Alienation from God is a threat worse than that of any foreign army.  How do you think the people of Israel felt with this threat?  How would it make you feel?
Do you ever feel like you run to and fro seeking the Word of God or the meaning and have trouble finding it?

Psalm 52

Psalm 52 is in the same vein. The psalmist is indicting those who act wickedly. Those who "do not take God for a refuge, but trust in great wealth and rely on wickedness," v7. But the righteous trust in God, giving thanks for all God has done to preserve them.

What in this passage speaks out to you about things that need changing?
The passage turns positive at the end and encourages a refuge in the Lord- Pray this week on how God has been a refuge to you in times of need and sorrow?  How does it feel to truly turn things over to him?  Are there things in your current life that you need to turn over?  To let go?

Colossians 1:15-28

To be mature in Christ, this quest was alive in the time of Paul as much as it is alive in our journey's today, what does that mean?
Reflect this week on your spiritual journey to date, map it out or journal it.  How are you mature in Christ?  Where would you like to grow in Christ?  What are you seeking on your journey of faith?  How can our community and the church help you and support you in your journey?

Luke 10:38-42

This passage is a reminder to us that life is distracting.  Take time this week to create space for quiet, to pray and be mindful.  Try to tune out the distractions (at least for a few minutes each day).  What do you hear?  What do you see?

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