A community of faith

seeking to love and serve

in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit


Who are We?

The youth at ECOHS are a welcoming community of 6th – 12th graders, seeking to love and serve and grow in the Spirit of Christ. Within a supportive, accepting environment, we are invited to examine and take ownership of our faith and community by exploring some of these questions:

  • Who am I as a Christian? Who am I as an Episcopalian?
  • What does my community believe, and why? What do I believe, and why?
  • How does faith affect my decisions and daily living?
  • What are my gifts for ministry, and how is God inviting me to share them?

We participate in the life and mission of the church and gather together Sunday mornings and evenings, as well as other times, for worship, prayer, study, theological reflection, fellowship, and fun. All youth are invited to join us!

Christian Education

Christian Education is each Sunday beginning at 9:30 a.m. during the program year.

This year, our youth will be using The Path as a resource for Christian Education, to help us walk us through the Bible, from beginning to end.

Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) typically meets Sundays, 4:00 - 6:00, but watch the Youth Calendar for time/location changes, depending on the event. 

Youth Activities

This year’s activities include:

Diocesan Events: New Beginnings, Happening, Annual Council Lock-in,
DYC, Hunger Walk, Tubing

Outreach / Service Projects: Family Promise, Church of Common Ground,
The Pantry, Youth Service Days

Youth-led worship

Summer Mission Trips: Opportunities both in Atlanta and in Honduras

Summer Camps: at Camp Mikell, in Toccoa, Georgia

Youth Activities Calendar can be seen here.




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